Thursday, June 1, 2006

Tour Essentials: Moneen [Chord]

Chord [site is down], Issue 39A (Warped Tour Special Issue, 2006)

The guys of Moneen are no strangers to the road. Fresh off the release of their second full-length album, The Red Tree, those in the know have flocked to Moneen's remarkable live performances for years. Moneen brings their emotionally loaded lyrics and the colossal dreads and potent sound of guitarist Chris "Hippy" Hughes—think My Bloody Valentine meets Minor Threat—to the MLB/Vagrant stage at this year's Warped Tour. Lead singer Kenny Bridges talks about three things you won't find the band without.
  1. An arsenal of socks and underwear. With all of their experience on stage, you won't find the guys getting cold feet—or tolerating wet ones. "Soggy feet equal grumpy moods," says Kenny, "so socks are essential." Kenny admits, though, that rocking out commando is okay once in a while.

  2. A butter knife. Forget the Swiss Army knife. The dull old butter knife is a necessity that you might need when you least expect it. And they're serious about it. "If we screw ourselves by not bringing a butter knife on tour again," Kenny threatens, "I swear I will quit the band." Just what they use it for remains a mystery, but apparently it's for more than just cheese and butter.

  3. Something to pass the time. Kenny suggests a string. "Hours of fun. Tie knots, tie friends, tie shoes... endless possibilities," he says. Even a band on Warped Tour can find pleasure in the simple things, right? Maybe not... "What am I talking about, string sucks." Perhaps they help Chris take care of his dreads instead.

- Jess Hemerly

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