Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sad Guys On Trading Floors [Blog]

Sad Guys On Trading Floors

Turning the economic crisis into one of those clever internet memes.

My friend Chris Riebschlager in Kansas City and I created this blog to commemorate the media's portrayal of the recent stock market crash. It took off to the point where I almost can't believe who covered it. We had no idea this would turn into a 15-min-of-fame thing on the Internet. Just proof that viral memes are, well, exceptionally viral.

Media mentions:
BoingBoing (started it all)


New York Times: Economix
The Atlantic: Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish
LA Times: Funny Pages 2.0
New York Magazine: Daily Intel
Wall Street Journal: The Wallet
Wall Street Journal: Marketbeat
MSNBC: Clicked
Boston Globe: Brainiac
Telegraph Daily
Times Online (UK)
Sydney Morning Herald
The Independent: IndyBlogs
Dallas Morning News: Technology Blog
The American Prospect: Ezra Klein
Riverfront TImes (St. Louis)
Spectator: Trading Floor
MetaFilter (predictably mean)
Silicon Alley Insider
D: All Things Digital
Media Watchdog: Sad Brokers Provide Plenty of Material, Pop & Politics (Interview with Chris Riebschlager)
The Big Picture
YouTube Mashup: The Facepalm Song

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